makechange.earth is born from the idea that one person alone cannot make change happen. Capitalism forces us to spend precious lifetime working for people who’s values we don’t necessarily share.  In order to create, innovate, bear projects that we cherish and make the world the place we want to live in, we need money of our own, and makechange.earth wants to help your projects find and benefit from this financial help.

Our focus lies on grants and fellowships for people from countries outside of  the English speaking Global North, because we believe that there are already many grant databases covering this part of the world. Instead, we want to focus on Europe, South America, Africa and Asia as well as on some specific fields of endeavor which we deem worthy of bringing to life the kind of innovation that can make our world a better place: Arts, Digital Rights, Human Rights, Ecology.

Please contact us if you want to help, or donate.

Please note that not all stipends or grants are translated. International grants are more likely to be found in the english part of the website.